Rolex 18k gold creat glory once more

Available today, Limited Edition rolex 18k gold watch really drill has been professionals in the industry’s reputation as “the civilian version of Rolex”, in addition to excellent product quality are recognized experts, the price is the lowest point ever, and only one folding, why is it so cheap Rolex Collector’s Edition? “” “Limited Edition Rolex gold watch was Fengqiang Recently, a Hong Kong International Group, the Swiss factory direct import large quantities of Switzerland (ETA2836-2) 25 Diamond automatic mechanical movement, at the same time by an agency directly customer-facing , direct shipping from overseas to avoid the shopping malls stores shop hundreds of thousands of high rent and operating costs, but also to avoid the various marketing chain and domestic agents, agent fees, (usually a commodity commission agents are in store retail gross profit 23%), while many goods because of free customs tariff (customs duty rate for the domestic luxury watch retail store 48%) of the reasons for a substantial reduction in the cost of goods sold. Therefore, if a discount, consumers will be able to have a Limited Collector’s Edition Rolex Swiss watch. The modern Datejust epitomizes the signature values of rolex: Innovative technology, hand-assembly, and classic, sober elegance. We are pleased to offer today this modern gents rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust model encased in stainless steel and 18K gold, accompanied by its original “Oyster” bracelet. The rolex 18k gold Day Date Presidential is the luxury wristwatch for a truly successful man on the move. the reaction of any true fan is a bingo-like realization, a diamond bullet to the brain reminiscent of Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now: Here is an 18k gold Rolex wristwatch that matches the powerful presence of a hip-hop superstar like Lil Wayne!


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