What size wrist watch suit for you ?

The size of wrist watch is changing with the trend fashion just like those jewelry and luxury goods . In the past, the ultrathin wrist watch was the preference of most morden people . while recent years ,big size dial watches are in vogue .is the preferred of young people who like to purse individuality .Big size dial is also sought-after by a lot of celebrities ,for instance, current most welcome woman singer Avril Ramona Lavigne Whibley likes to wear big size wrist watch omega seamaster automatic chronometer . as you can see big size watch has become the character of today’s young people . every time and a while , I used to wander some brand watch shop, I find that the dial diameter of most man wrist watches all in excess of 40mm ,even women watches over 30mm .generally , watch is categorized as three kinds :they are men watch, women and boy watch .at my abundant about watches, I come to a conclusion finally. Wrist watch have certain ornamental in a way ,big size can reach such result , a person who want to make himself widely known , and a great heart man .that is to say this feature appeal to young people’s requirement .it shows they have enough passion for life. As far as myself ,I would rather choose big wrist watch . because from movement ,those big movement wrist watches have better performance than small movment . but on the other hand everything has two two-sidedness . if we go after personality and trend , wearing the big size watch all the time will cause the wearing experience is not comfortable .next I will sate my feeling of wearing my big size replica rolex . due to I work on replica watches business , so I can wearing whatever brand watch I like and change the style every day. yesterday , I follow up young and try to choose a big size replica rolex to wear . this 45mm rolex 18k gold weight to 160g at least . by the end of day , my arm almost have no strength to move . overall , i can use a word to express my feeling that is tired . Maybe due to my vulnerable body .i don’t break in too big wrist watch . but if you are Europen or American ,I still suggest you choose over 40mm wrist watch . because this size just enough fit your strong build . So I consider a man should have more than three different size wrist watches . if you find you still have no other watches expect for your arm presently , please feel free to try to order our swiss replica watches . we have the top ten famous brand wrist watch to choose .

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