TAG Heuer Monaco V4

Tag Heuer protrusive Monaco V4 mechanical watch upset the basic idea of watchmaking . it adopt driving band and ball bearing instead of the traditional wheel . with the help of tabulate master Philippe Dufour ,Maoaco V4 begin to carry out this aggressive action which give us another look .it attract much envy eyes as well as arouse discussion and doubt .it can be called a breakthrough in watchmaking craft . So people from all over the world extremely look forward to the publish of this new style Tag Heuer .Just in March 2010 , this new technique appear in watch market .it confirm that dentation driving band can replace gear .Monaco V4 this ideal watch full of revolutionary tabulating idea . in this colorful world , people always like new things .So every time any new thing always can win people’s attention at begin just like Tag Heuer Monaco V4 .but on the other hand the price of these world top wrist will never be fall up forever .at the meanwhile it also give replica tag a chance . our replica tag heuer was gave out in July 2010 normally .it rely on it high quality and exact appearance get people’s approve .though our replica tag Monaco V4 has some difference and was adjusted by us .in the spirit still keep the genuine mind .if from subjective angle to estimate it , I think replica tag just the really originality .we adjust its structure again and don’t change its basic elements such as driving band ,ball bearing linear type lump , at present day our replica tag movement use a mass of ISO standard approve actuating device and the drive effect is better than traditional automatic movement . but now due to the cost of it is much higher than other replica watches .So our production quantity of replica tag only limited in 50 every month .

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